Many of our guests have been coming for years and that is mainly due to the constant excellent quality. In addition, we are very customer-oriented and we try to think along with the needs of the customer in a friendly manner.


Cannabis is a soft drug and one should handle it responsibly!

Everyone comes into contact with cannabis at some point in their life. This can be done through the media, through the stories of your parents "when we were young ..." or perhaps as a user. Sometimes the topic is still taboo due to associations with crime or addiction. Level013 wants to break through that taboo with a shop in which a transparent, honest and hospitable culture is the norm, cooperation is sought with entrepreneurs but is always leveled with all Tilburg residents in the city.


Creating a place where everyone is equal. Everyone on the same LEVEL

This is where the coffee shop comes into play. It is the only place where one can legally buy, consume and discuss cannabis. Here, the purchase and consumption can take place in a safe and controlled environment, with information about the products and the operation, but also service with regard to (new) consumption. In addition, everyone comes together here, of all ages, genders, beliefs or color. It is a unique place within the Dutch street scene. A social function where social support is created. Everyone on the same Level!