With good decencyCode of conduct

Every visitor and employee must behave within Coffeeshop Level013 according to the rules of good decency. This keeps it cozy and safe for everyone who visits us. The points below indicate what goes beyond the limits of good decency.
  1. Discriminatory and / or racist behavior with regard to culture, race or sexual orientation.
  2. Threatening or mistreating employees or visitors.
  3. Unwanted intimacies and any other form of sexual violence.
  4. Carrying weapons or other objects that can be used as a weapon.
  5. Trade and use of hard drugs is prohibited.
  6. Visitors may be asked to show the contents of their bags and pockets. In case of refusal, it is assumed that the content is against one of the house rules and the visitor in question must leave the case.
  7. Drunkenness or other annoying and offensive behavior or not looking after the outwardly in accordance with applicable standards and values ​​or profiling oneself as weaving.
  8. Access for persons under 18 years old. Visitors must show identification upon request.
  9. Damaging, destroying or unsolicited property of Coffeeshop Level013 or of visitors.
  10. Trade in goods without the express permission of the management.
  11. Drinking alcohol and consuming beverages that are not provided by Coffeeshop Level013. Consumption obligated.
  12. Photographing and filming within the Coffeeshop Level013 without explicit permission from the management.
  13. To be in a toilet and / or to use toilets with several people that are intended for the opposite sex.
  14. Gambling and card games for money.
  15. To provoke or incite a violation of the rules.
  16. Coffeeshop Level013 uses camera surveillance.
  17. Persons entering the Coffeeshop Level013 agree to be admitted. The images can be used as evidence in the event of a crime.
  18. The management reserves the right to deny access to the premises to large groups.
  19. The management is not liable for loss or theft of personal belongings.
  20. Using tobacco or tobacco products.
Violating rules 1 to 8 always results in removal from the Coffeeshop Level013. At lines 9 to 14, the person concerned is warned, if he does not respond, then removal will follow. This lasts at least until the first meeting of the management team, which then determines the final sanction. If this is a local ban, this will be reported to the police. Violation of this prohibition will lead to a report and deportation by the police and the accompanying legal proceedings. Crimes committed within the Coffeeshop Level013 are always reported.
Rules of conduct also apply to the immediate vicinity of Coffeeshop Level013.

  1. Double parking in front of the business.
  2. Park against traffic.
  3. Noise pollution in the form of music or other noisy behavior.
  4. Blocking the sidewalk with bicycles and scooters.
  5. Any other form of nuisance behavior.
  6. In case of violation of these rules of conduct, access to the Coffeeshop Level013 can be refused.