Coffeeshop Level was founded by Hans Otten in January 1989 together with his wife Jolanda, initially combined as an exhibition space and coffee shop, but later exclusively as a coffee shop. He continued this case until his death on November 4, 2017.
Hans Otten born and raised Tilburger grew up in the Korvel district together with his brother Rudy. His father was an entrepreneur and had a home business.

Grown up in the Flowerpower era looking for the meaning of life, enjoying the beautiful things in life. After several jobs, he went to work in a coffee shop. The combination of psychedelic music and life in the Flowerpower subculture gave him the direction to run a coffee shop himself. His own business, as his father always had, his own boss at a time when the use of soft drugs was increasingly accepted.
Level 42's music was one of his favorites and the name of his new business was Coffeeshop Level.

Together with his wife Jolanda, he opened the business on St. Annaplein, where it is still located. She didn't want a dark cave where weed and hash was secretly sold and used, but an open meeting place where like-minded people could meet while enjoying a good cup of Illy coffee and the use of cannabis products. Together they opened an exhibition space cum coffee shop.
In the early years sales took place from the cellar, later after a metamorphosis it was moved upwards, mainly to generate a more open character.
The exhibition space was a great success, artists and painters exhibited their work for free and also brought the desired visitors at that time. A good combination with a diversity of clientele.

Over the years there have been several changes but after 35 years Level013 is still “live and kicking”.
Hans also has a daughter from another relationship. After the death of Hans, his wife Jolanda plans to continue the business in the spirit of Hans, a meeting place for all people who want space for a conversation and the opportunity to smoke a joint in peace.

Tilburg will soon start with the closed coffee shop chain experiment (weed experiment). On to a legal situation.

Level013 will be ready.

In the spirit of Hans, to the music of Level42. At different levels, quality, mood, music, love.